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Bicycling in El Cerrito
The City is committed to making El Cerrito a safer and more enjoyable place for bicyclists to learn to ride, get to play, travel to work, school, local parks, shops and restaurants.

In June 2007, the City adopted its first Circulation Plan for Bicyclists and Pedestrians. The Plan’s goals were:
  1. to create a comprehensive network of bicycle and pedestrian routes;
  2. to promote bicycling and walking as modes of transportation through design, designation, programs, policies and education;
  3. to provide safe and accessible routes to schools, transit stops, and City facilities;
  4. to create bicycle and pedestrian facilities that fulfill the needs of both utilitarian and recreational users;
  5. to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian access in the design and development of new buildings and facilities;
  6. to engage the public in the planning process to address local needs and concerns;
  7. to work internally and with neighboring jurisdictions and regional organizations to coordinate efforts;
  8. and, to establish priorities and identify funding sources for implementing improvements.

The City is completing a 2014 update to the Plan to evaluate improvements thus far, build off the recent ADA Transition Plan and Climate Action Plan, incorporate innovative design standards, and develop conceptual designs for additional priority projects.  If you would like to stay informed, please contact Emily Alter, Community Development Analyst at 510-215-4385.


Bike Lockers/Bike Racks

Ohlone Greenway Master Plan

Ohlone Greenway User Count (2007)