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Rockway Avenue Half-Closure
In November 2009, the El Cerrito City Council approved a six-month trial of a half-street closure prohibiting entry onto eastbound Rockway Avenue from Ashbury Avenue. The trial installation is expected to begin in January 2010 after minor modifications are made to the traffic signal at the Fairmount Avenue and Ashbury Avenue intersection.

Rockway Avenue is a local street adjacent to El Cerrito High School and one block north of Fairmount Avenue. Rockway Avenue carries average weekday traffic volumes of approximately 2,000 vehicles per day. These traffic volumes are significantly higher than the traffic volumes typically generated by 32 homes, and verify the presence of cut-through traffic. The traffic volumes on Rockway Avenue are also higher than any other of the classified local streets in the area bounded by Ashbury Avenue on the west, Lynn Avenue on the south, Sea View Drive on the east, and Eureka Avenue on the north. Furthermore, many jurisdictions consider a local street to qualify for neighborhood traffic management measures if traffic volumes exceed anywhere between 1,000 to 1,500 vehicles per day. It should be noted that, consistent with their classification as collector streets, Sea View Drive, Eureka Avenue east of Sea View Drive, and Colusa Avenue carry more traffic than any of the local streets including Rockway Avenue.
Additional Modifications

Based on specific concerns expressed by the public in response to various notices sent and meetings held in 2008, the Public Works Department is recommending the following modifications to be implemented with the proposed half-street closure:

  • Modify the traffic signal phasing at the Fairmount Avenue/Ashbury Avenue intersection to separate northbound and southbound traffic and reevaluate signal timing by time of day;
  • Install "KEEP CLEAR" pavement legends on Ashbury Avenue at the intersection of Rockway Avenue;
  • Maintain bicycle access on eastbound Rockway Avenue to provide an attractive alternative to Fairmount Avenue;
  • Ensure physical layout of half-closure clearly provides a benefit to pedestrians; and
  • Install and test the half-street closure during a six-month trial period.