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Pre-Swim Team & Gators Swim Team
Pre-Swim Team

Ages 7 – 12

The El Cerrito Pre-Swim Team fall clinic is designed for kids 7 to 12 with level 4 swimming ability.  Sessions are focused on improving technique and building endurance.  This program is ideal for swimmers who would like to improve their skills in order to join swim team.

Participants must be able to swim 25-yards coordinated front crawl with rhythmic breathing, 25 yards back stroke, and 25 yards breast stroke.


Contact the Aquatics Coordinator for more information.

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Gators Swim Team

El Cerrito Gators Swim Team is a year-round swimming organization located at the El Cerrito Swim Center. Gators swimmers have opportunities to compete in swim meets throughout the year. Age group programs are available for swimmers ages 5-18. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all swimmers to be the best they can be in their athletic pursuits.

El Cerrito Gators has a history spanning over 40 years. We are proud of our excellent program and plan to continue our success.  Our coaching staff is dedicated to providing a program for young people that will enable them to excel in swimming.  

Join the Gators swim team to have fun and enjoy swimming to the fullest.  Our program is directed to help swimmers develop their full potential.  We make sure swimmers associate fun with the time they spend in this sport. We invite you to come meet the coaches and the swimmers and try out for our team. Tryouts are held Monday through Thursday year round.  Coaches evaluate and place swimmers in appropriate practice groups, based on age and swimming ability.  For more information or to schedule a tryout contact the swim center at  (510) 559-7011 or by email at


El Cerrito Gators Programs (offered year-round): Updated 10/17/14 

FALL 2014 - Spring 2015 PRACTICE SCHEDULE:

Novice Group: Monday through Friday, 4pm -5pm 
(60- minute workout): 
Emphasis is on refining proper stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.  Starts and turns are coached.

Junior Group: Monday through Friday, 4pm -5:30pm 
(90-minute workout): 
Refinement and perfection of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. 
Kick sets, stroke drills, and introduction to interval training. 

Senior Group (age 13+):  Monday through Friday, 4:00pm – 5:30pm

(90-minute workout):
Setting and achieving short term and long term personal goals (including competing on high school teams, club teams or swimming in college).  Interval training, stroke drills and kick sets emphasized.

Coach’s Message:
We are dedicated to providing a program for young people that will enable them to excel in swimming and life.  We require commitment from all of our swimmers.  The more you invest personally in the swim team program, the more you will get out of the program.  

Gators coaches will place swimmers in appropriate practice groups based on age and swimming ability.  When it is in the best interest of the swimmer (as determined by the coaches), swimmers may be placed in a more challenging training group to increase personal development.  The Gators is a community swim team emphasizing skill development and personal improvement. Participation in competitive meets is not required.

Monthly Fees

Novice Group (M-F, 1 hour workout)  Res $70.00   Non-Res$81.00

Intermediate & Senior Group (M – F, 1.5hour workout) Res $90.00     Non Res$101.00

Gators Sibling Discount  25% discount

Sibling Discount for Novice Group  Res$52.50       Non Res $59.00

Sibling Discount for Intermediate & Senior Groups   Res $67.50     Non Res $76.00

Gators Late Fee (charged after the 10th of each month) $17.00