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The City of El Cerrito's street sweeping program is funded by your local Stormwater Pollution Control Program to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act. Street sweeping removes pollutants before they drain into storm drains, ditches, and creeks which eventually flow into the San Francisco Bay untreated.

Please use the following guidelines to help us keep your streets clean:

  • Street sweeping should occur between 7am and 4pm.
  • Please remove your garbage, greenwaste, and recycling containers from the street after they have been picked up.
  • Park your cars off the street on your scheduled sweeping day. Sweeping around parked cars requires more time and is a dangerous maneuver.
  • Do not clean your front yard into the street. Do not pile leaves. Sweepers are not equipped to pick up large piles of leaves left in the street.
  • Keep landscape plants pruned far enough back to allow sweepers to sweep against curb.
  • Keep tree branches pruned to a height of 12' above the street to allow passage of sweeper.
  • Street is NOT swept on rainy days or if street is wet.
  • If you see someone dumping into a storm drain, call 1-800-NODUMPING. Report as much information about the incident and the parties involved as you can.

If you have household hazardous waste to dispose of, please call 1-888-412-9277.