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Area Coordination
In 2010, the El Cerrito/Kensington CERT Program launched an aggressive campaign to better establish community preparedness. While neighborhood organization will always be the cornerstone of our program, we launched this program with the primary objective to prepare our communities by organizing areas rather than specific neighborhoods. The Area Coordination Program began with the gathering of participant information that resided in several databases. Those databases were reviewed, combined and sorted into one master database. Additionally, we created an area map that began with the voting precincts for El Cerrito and Kensington. Boundary lines for these areas were examined and revised as needed.
In January 2012, we began meeting with our CERT areas for the purpose of developing area organizations that are lead by an Area Coordinator. As of 2013, we have Area Coordinators in all 17 CERT Areas within Kensington and El Cerrito. The Coordinators meet on a quarterly basis to discuss strategies on how to grow the program, how to better prepare their respective areas and how to develop and implement response and recovery of CERT's in our communities.

If you are interested in becoming an Area Coordinator, please contact CERT  Program Manager, Kevin Janes.

Area Maps and Coordinators
The Area Organization Program map breaks our communities into 17 CERT Organization Areas with 6 in Kensington and 11 in El Cerrito.

Below, click on the area for a map showing the boundaries of that area. Click on the Area Coordinator's name to send them an email. You can also contact the Fire Department at 510-215-4450 to determine your designated area.

El Cerrito

CERT Program Manager – Kevin Janes

El Cerrito Area 1 – Philip Machell 

El Cerrito Area 2 – Marlene Keller 

El Cerrito Area 3Manny Baglanis

El Cerrito Area 4Caroline Thomas-Jacobs 

El Cerrito Area 5Aaron Herskowitz 

El Cerrito Area 6Charalambos Kesta

El Cerrito Area 7 – Wayne Coburn

El Cerrito Area 8 – Sharon Sanger 

El Cerrito Area 9Mike Stuart 

El Cerrito Area 10 – Vacant 

El Cerrito Area 11 – Vacant

CERT Program Manager – Kevin Janes

Kensington Area 1 – Maya Churi 

Kensington Area 2 – Larry Nagel  
Kensington Area 3
 -  Jon Musacchia  

Kensington Area 4 -  Michal Crawford Zimring  

Kensington Area 5 – Peter Liddell 

Kensington Area 6 – Hal Graboske