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Program Objectives
Program Objectives

  • Promote safe and convenient travel by pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.
  • Encourage compliance with designated speed limits.
  • Encourage through traffic to take more appropriate travel routes based on roadway classification, but limit impacts to other local streets.
  • Maintain capacity and facilitate traffic flow on the City's arterial and collector streets.
  • Closely collaborate with Police and Fire to balance neighborhood traffic management needs with public safety needs, specifically emergency response.
  • Provide a well-defined process that is responsive to all neighborhoods in El Cerrito and avoids neighborhood divisiveness.
  • Provide objective criteria to help City staff prioritize requests.
  • Provide a process that maximizes neighborhood participation and decision-making, and obtains measurable consensus from the neighborhood throughout.
  • Use the least restrictive measure that will address neighborhood concerns, and test any physical measures before permanent installation when appropriate and possible.
  • Maintain and enhance existing routes for accessibility.
  • Provide for effective and timely implementation of needed traffic management measures.
  • All traffic projects or measures implemented as a result of the process contained in the NTMP are considered City projects and must be approved by the City Engineer. In addition, the City Engineer will continue to initiate traffic projects separately from the NTMP