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El Cerrito Strategic Plan
In April 2013, the City Council adopted a Strategic Plan for El Cerrito. The Plan was the result of a year-long effort to engage the community in creating a shared vision for our future. Thank you to all the community members who participated in the process.

The strategic plan provides the City with a roadmap for making service delivery decisions and allocating resources. It will also serve to guide the organization in fulfilling the City's mission and vision.

Download the adopted Strategic Plan (PDF).

Next Steps for the City
Since a strategic plan is a roadmap for making service delivery decisions and allocating resources, the final step in the process is for the consultants and staff to develop an implementation plan as well as a framework to align City services to the goals identified in the strategic planning process. The implementation plan is the blueprint for carrying out the Strategic Plan. It contains detailed steps to achieve the strategies and goals. An action plan is a management tool for the City and provides a framework for aligning programs and services to the strategic plan goals through the budget and other decision-making processes.

Vision Statement:
The City of El Cerrito is a safe, connected, and environmentally focused Bay Area destination with vibrant neighborhoods, businesses and public places, and diverse cultural, educational and recreational opportunities for people of all ages.

Mission Statement:
The City of El Cerrito serves, leads and supports our diverse community by providing exemplary and innovative services, public places and infrastructure, ensuring public safety, and creating an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

Organizational Values:
• Ethics and Integrity
• Fiscal Responsibility
• Inclusiveness
• Innovation and Creativity
• Professional Excellence
• Responsiveness
• Transparency and Open Communication 

Goals (2013 through 2018):
• Deliver exemplary government services
• Achieve long-term financial sustainability
• Deepen a sense of place and community identity
• Develop and rehabilitate public facilities as community focal points
• Ensure the public’s health and safety
• Foster environmental sustainability citywide

Process to develop the Strategic Plan
Starting in mid 2012, the City reached out to residents, employees, the business community and other stakeholders through meetings, community events and an online survey. Thank you to everyone who provided input at a focus group meeting, at the Open House at City Hall event, completed the online survey, provided written comments to the City, or shared ideas using the Community Voice online tool. 

The El Cerrito City Council adopted the strategic plan at their April 2nd 2013 meeting, with some edits. The final (adopted) version will be posted online soon.

Download the following materials:

Council Meeting Materials (April 2, 2013)

 •  meeting agenda
 •  staff report 
•  revised Final Draft Strategic Plan

2nd Council Study Session Materials (Jan. 2013)

Strategic Plan Brochure
•  Agenda for Jan 26 Council Study Session
•  Council Packet for 1/26/13 (note this is an 85 page PDF document)

1st Council Study Session Materials (Sept. 2012)

power point presentation for 9/22/12 meeting
meeting packet for 9/22/12 meeting 
summary of themes and ideas for 9/22/12 meeting

Additional Background Materials:

Strategic Plan Brochure
• Report of Online Survey Results (as of 10/30/12)
• 2012 City "Budget in Brief" (see pages 4-7)
• Results from the 2012 National Citizen Survey.

Stay Involved!
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Use the link above to continue to stay informed about efforts related to the Strategic Plan.

For More Information:
Call Karen Pinkos, Assistant City Manager at 215-4302 
or send an email 

Why did the City Develop a Strategic Plan?
The Strategic Plan establishes goals, strategies, and clear vision, confirms the mission for the organization, and articulates the organization’s values. The strategic plan  includes an implementation action plan tied to other key planning documents and future efforts such as a General Plan Update, a Climate Action Plan, an economic development roadmap. The strategic plan help decision-makers with service prioritization.

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