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Action Steps
Listed below are the set of action steps the City has and will be taking in response to the City's evaluation and comments received from the public.

  1. In July 2012, the City removed and trimmed vegetation along the Arlington Boulevard near Brewster Drive to improve sight lines in the area. Vegetation was removed by the creek headwall and landscaping strip on the east side of Arlington Boulevard. Vegetation was also trimmed at the pedestrian path/stair case and southbound bus stop.
  2. In August 2012, the City Council approved the use of Measure A Street Improvement Funding for the implementation of near-term improvements.
  3. From August through October 2012, the City finalized the detail design and engaged the services of contractors for installation of near-term improvements discussed at the meeting. A link to the near-term design is provided below. The implementation of these improvements will begin in November 2012.
  4. On July 20, 2012, the City submitted an application for grant funding from the Highway Safety Improvement Program.  The grant funding would cover the design and construction for the long-term concept design discussed at the meeting.  A link to the long-term design is provided below.  Generally, this would provide for installation of standard sidewalk, curb extensions, bus stop improvements, and speed feedback signs.
  5. The City will also consider other improvements that could augment the short-term improvements:
    • All-way stop at Buckingham Drive/Rifle Range Road at Arlington Boulevard
    • Installation of speed tables
    • Street lighting changes
    • Speed Feedback Signs

 To view conceptual designs for Phase 1 and Phase 2, please click the links below: