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2013/2014 Street Improvement Program
Public Works Department - Engineering Division
(510) 215-4382

VSS International
Mike Koenig, Contractor
(916) 373-1500
John Jordan, City Inspector
(925) 999-0491
The 2013-14 Street Improvement Program is a component of the Measure A funded annual street improvement program. This project is intended to repair fifteen (15) street segments with moderate to severely distressed pavement.  The streets will be resurfaced by applying an asphalt rubber cape seal that is composed of a two layer system of asphalt rubber chip seal with a slurry seal surfacing.  This resurfacing treatment was utilized extensively and successfully in 2009 as a critical element of El Cerrito’s Accelerated Pavement Resurfacing Program.

In addition, 20 new curb ramps will be constructed along these street segments.  Also, 25 existing curb ramps will be retrofitted with new truncated domes in order to comply with current ADA requirements.

The following is a list of the streets included in this project:

  • Bay Tree Lane
  • Carquinez Avenue – Barrett to Lagunitas
  • Cutting Blvd – Arlington to Junction
  • Edwards Avenue – Barrett to Pointsett
  • Jordan Avenue – Nason to Alta Punta
  • Julian Drive
  • Julian Court
  • Knott Avenue – San Pablo to Key
  • Lawrence Court
  • Potrero Avenue – Arlington to Douglas
  • Regency Court
  • Scott Street
  • Tamalpais Court
  • Yuba Street – North City Limits to Zara
  • Waldo Avenue – Pomona to Ashbury



Construction Impacts

The Chip Seal takes about 1 to 2 hours to cure completely and slurry seal requires 3 to 4 hours to dry and be ready for traffic.  If you wish to use your car, we recommend that it be parked on a street not scheduled to be sealed prior to 7:30 a.m.

During construction, there will be flagmen and other workers directing traffic to ensure the safe passage of all citizens and to ensure the safety of our workers.  Expect some delays and choose alternate routes, if possible.  The hours of construction will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Streets that are to receive treatment will have “No Parking” signs placed along the street 72 hours prior to the work being started.  These signs will have specific dates and times where all parking on the street will be restricted.  Please pay attention to the “No Park Signs” on your street.  Your patience is appreciated.  In order to sweep excess loose chips after placement, we request that you still park off the street or in some other convenient area for the two days following the placement of the chip seal.

Please do not wash cars or water lawns the day before or the day the work is scheduled.  Any cars parked within the posted area on the days of chip or slurry seal placement will be towed. 

For their own safety, please keep children and animals away from the area while construction is in progress.  If the day scheduled is your normal trash / sanitation day, please note that we will not interfere with trash pickup.

2013/2014 Street Improvement Program Location Map

2013/2014 Street Improvement Program Flyer