2017 Patch Paving Project

In October 2017, the City of El Cerrito's Public Works Department will be repairing portions of damaged pavement as part of the 2017 Patch Paving Project.  The scope of work includes localized pavement failures at various locations throughout the City.  The project work will also consist of restoring the traffic striping and pavement markings damaged by the pavement repairs.  Please reference this map for all of the locations.

Traffic impacts

Residents and businesses will receive notifications from the City's Contractor, PMK Contractors, about a week before work begins on that street.  In addition, "No Parking" signs will be posted on barricades along the street with specific dates and times that indicate more specifically when the work will be performed.  Please pay close attention to the "No Parking" signs on your block and if your home is near an area demarcated for repair, please consider parking your vehicle on an adjoining street on the specified day as access to and from your driveway may be limited while the repair work is underway.  

The patch paving work is typically completed within a few hours with full access restored by the end of the workday, around 5 P.M.  Emergency access will always be allowed and accommodations for individual driveway access may be coordinated with the contractors. Work hours will be between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M., Monday through Friday.

While construction is underway, you can contact Jaime Perez, PMK's Project Foreman, at (408) 707-5212. For general questions, please contact Ana Bernardes, the City's Associate Engineer, at (510) 215-4385 or email or Gerardo Avila, the City's Consultant Project Manager at (510) 215-4322 or email


Contact us

Engineering Division

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Jaime Perez, Contractor   PMK Contractors, Inc.   (408) 707-5212

Ana Bernardes, Associate Engineer     (510) 215-4385              Email

Gerardo Avila   Project Manager                     (510) 215-4322           Email