11048/11060 San Pablo Avenue

11048-11060 SPA Rendering

The proposed project contains 170 dwelling units, and includes 171 automobile parking spaces and 266 long-term bicycle parking spaces. The application was initially submitted on October 2, 2017.

The site lies within the Transit Oriented Mid Intensity Mixed Use (TOMIMU) zoning district. 

This project is a Tier IV project under the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan. This means it will require action by the
Planning Commission and the Design Review Board.

At this time, the project is application incomplete. The entire application is available for review at 10890 San Pablo Avenue, City Hall, during normal business hours. The project planner is Sean Moss, Senior Planner.

As noted, the project application is incomplete, the plans below are provided for reference.  However, revisions to the plans are expected before the project is scheduled for public hearings. 

Environmental Documents