Supervisor Training Guide

Training Plan 2019

New Officer Firearms Training Plan

Community Service Officer Training Manual

Executive Assistant Training Manual


Arrest and Control

Arrest and Control Baton Update

WRAP Outline

Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle Outline

Bicycle Patrol Update

Bicycle Patrol Class PowerPoint

Electronic Weapons

Electronic Weapons

2 Hour Taser Refresher Course

Fentanyl Naloxone

Base Naloxone Course

Fentanyl Overdose for First Responders

Naloxone Course Slides

County Health Protocol

Title 22 Document

Opioid Safety Pamphlet


Firearms Perishable Skills Program

Patrol Rifle Update

Duty Handgun Qualification

Less Lethal Qualification

Off Duty Pistol Qualification

Retired Officer Concealed Weapon Endorsement and Qualification

Rifle Qualification Course (40 Round)

Secondary Pistol Qualification Course

Shotgun Qualification

Transition Course (16 hour)

Range Plan 2019

SIMS Operation 2019

Handgun Training

Chemical Agent

Chemical Agent Update

Foot Pursuits

Foot Pursuits Outline

Motor Vehicle Operations

Driver Training Awareness

Motorcycle Officer Update

One Minute Briefs

Blood Sample

Criminalizing Homeless

Scope of Probation Search

HGN Expert Opinion

Afterthought Consent

Reasonableness of Blood Draw

Vehicle Search for Documents

New Laws 2020 Part 1

New Laws 2020 Part 2

Policy Training

Policy 314 - Discriminatory Harassment

Policy 1002 - Anti Retaliation

Pursuit Policy

Principled Policing

Principled Policing Facilitation Guide

Principled Policing Module 0

Principled Policing Module 1

Principled Policing Module 2

Principled Policing Module 3

Principled Policing Module 4

Principled Policing Module 5


Spanish for Cops

WRAP Restraint Training