Clean Water Program

Controlling Stormwater Pollution

The City of El Cerrito is dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment in Contra Costa’s beautiful creeks, rivers, and the Delta and the Bay. Federal and state regulations require that the City control stormwater pollution.

What is stormwater? (Stormwater 101)

To comply with these regulations, Contra Costa County, 19 of its incorporated cities, and the Contra Costa Flood Control and Water Conservation District have joined together to form the Contra Costa Clean Water program (CCCWP). The CCCWP strives to eliminate stormwater pollution through public education, inspection, and enforcement activities and industrial outreach. The City also directly engages in many municipal activities including:

  • Illicit discharge inspections at creeks and storm-drain lines to make sure contaminants are not being dumped illegally by unregulated or nonpermitted connections to the storm-drain system (Spills & Discharges)
  • Regular inspection and cleaning of City storm drains and catch basins to remove debris and pollutants
  • New development and construction plan review and inspections
  • Biannual inspections of commercial and industrial businesses focused primarily on automobile repair and servicing facilities, restaurants, and dry cleaners
  • Providing public information and outreach about the importance of keeping our creeks and storm drains clean and about ways property owners and businesses can contribute toward the effort


Service Requests for Maintenance or call 510-215-4369

Program Manager, Stephen Pree or call 510-559-7685

Contra Costa Clean Water Program Contacts

Contra Costa County Watershed Map

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The Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit requires businesses to use best management practices (BMPs) to minimize non-stormwater discharges (discharges of anything but rain water to the storm drains) and prevent illicit discharges, like soapy wash water, that can harm water quality. CCCWP has developed brochures detailing BMPs for the following types of businesses: