6115 Potrero Avenue and 11335-41 San Pablo Avenue

Project Description

A Tier IV Design Review application was submitted in February 2021 for a proposed five-story building at 6111 & 6115 Potrero Avenue and 11335 San Pablo Avenue. This building would include 63 residential units; 5,554 square feet of ground floor commercial space; 23 vehicle parking spaces; 97 long term bicycle parking spaces; and 12 short term bicycle parking spaces. The ground floor commercial space includes a 2,900 square foot brewery and a 2,400 square foot restaurant.

Public Process

Once the applicant has addressed City staff comments and the application is considered complete, a publicly noticed Planning Commission hearing will be scheduled to consider this Tier IV Design Review application. A Tier IV Design Review application requires approval by both the Planning Commission and the Design Review Board. Revisions to the proposed project could result during this process.
6115 Potrero Rendering