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Spa day at homeMake your own spa hour/day. 

Wine and cheese: Should you be quarantined with a partner, have a wine or beer and cheese date with your beloved on your patio/front porch/back porch balcony/kitchen table.

Go to the drive-in: If you have a drive-in in your town, head there. What’s old is cool again. 

Couch exercise! Exercise on your couch together with Netflix. Win-win. 

Try art-inspired recipes: They could include Claude Monet’s chestnut cookies and Ed Ruscha’s cactus omelette. Or shake up cocktails that nod to great Georgia O’Keefe works

Mini-Marie Kondo: Reorganize your room, combining these ideas of new paint, de-cluttering and organizing to give your a room.

Play/art/music: Virtually attend a concert, watch a play, experience a museum. 

Arrange your books: Organize your bookshelf by genre, subject, author. You can even color coordinate and place objects on the shelf to tell a personal story. 

Hand out snack bags: Gather shelf-stable snacks, bottles of water, socks and wipes into bags to hand out to people who need them. You can spot people from more than 6 feet away, wave, leave bags for them and walk away so they can safely pick them up. 

Get down to science: Learn chemistry by making homemade butter and bread. 

Smash the virus: Make a coronavirus piñata, fill it with candy and whack the heck out of it. 

Have a bonfire - safely

Go out on a river and kayak/canoe or just go swimming. 

Feed the birds in a square or in a park. 

Go a full day without the Internet or TV

Make a bucket list - research online what is open, available, or accessible to people who don’t live in that county and plan some adventures. Read online what you can do that is new, fun, and engaging.