Senate Bill 341 Compliance Report

On January 1, 2014, Senate Bill 341 (SB 341) became effective, requiring each housing successor agency that assumed the housing functions of a former redevelopment agency to post a report on its website containing information regarding the Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Assets Fund (LMIHAF) of the former redevelopment agency for the previous fiscal year. The City of El Cerrito is acting as the Housing Successor to the El Cerrito Redevelopment Agency and has prepared the SB 341 Reports for the following Fiscal Years (FY):

FY 20-21 (PDF)

FY 19-20 (PDF)

FY 18-19 (PDF)

FY 17-18 (PDF)

FY 16-17 (PDF)

FY 15-16 (PDF)

FY 14-15 (PDF)