Childcare Registration Information

Childcare Registration for the 2021-22 School Year will open online on Thursday, May 27th at 9am. The links to the forms (below) that you will be submitting will be disabled until that time. Forms will be prioritized based on two criteria: 1) 5-day enrollments, and 2) submittal times. You will need to pay the one-time $76 registration fee online prior to completing the registration forms. You will be able to pay the registration fee at 9am on Wednesday, May 26th so that you have ample time to be ready for the registration.  For those families who are new to our services, registrations can move quickly and we recommend registering as soon as possible.

Some Important Information (Please read everything below before beginning your registration process):

  1. Before submitting a registration form, you must pay the registration fee through our online system at and provide the receipt number on your JotForm Registration Packet.  You will be able to pay these registration fees one day before the registration forms are available beginning at 9am Wednesday, May 26th Please choose the specific Activity for your program and school: 
  • Fairmont School: Activity 521120
  • Harding School: Activity 521110
  • Madera School Kindergarten: Activity 521130 (Section 01)
  • Madera School Grades 1-6: Activity 521130 (Section 02)

You will need to create an account in WebTrac and add your child(ren) with their birthdays in order to register.  Please go to for assistance.

  1. Beginning at 9am Thursday, May 27th, you will be able to access program registration forms. The links below are not currently active, but they will become active at that time: 
  1. You will need to submit one form per child.
  2. Forms will be reviewed based on the time they were submitted, and you will be notified via email either confirming that a space is available for your child or that you are on a waitlist, if necessary, by June 30.
  3. Registration is currently prioritized for families requiring care 5 days per week. Completing a registration form will commit you to paying 10 payments of the fees for the program(s) that you choose. If you are registering for 5 days per week during the priority registration period (through June 30), while you can cancel your registration completely (please review the policies), you are agreeing that you will not drop any days of service for at least 60 days. Note: enrollments for less than 5 days will be considered no sooner than July 3, 2021 or when guidance shows that 'stable groups' are no longer required (if released after July 3rd). However, please still submit your form at this time as families needing care less than 5 days will be prioritized based on submittal day and time.  
  4. To view the complete fee schedule with pricing for all programs and locations, please visit If you qualify for reduced lunch rates, you will pay 30% less than the full fee, and if you qualify for free lunch rates, you will pay 50% less than the full fee, but you are committing to the entire fee until you have submitted paperwork and been approved for a reduced rate. Fall childcare will begin on Monday, August 23rd. Parents must find alternative arrangements for care during the first week of school.