Mission, Vision & Values


We protect our community, solve crime and pursue justice.


As a model law enforcement agency, we will continue to foster an environment of collaboration, honesty, and respect with each member of our community, our department, and our allied agencies. We will represent the highest ideals of public service in carrying out our mission and living our values. El Cerrito Police Department will be known for its commitment to steadfast compassionate service and vigorous crime fighting.


Individual Values

Each member of the El Cerrito Police Department recognizes that service is the foundation of our value system and ethical behavior is the cornerstone of public trust. We believe the character of our department is best reflected in the quality of service provided by each of our members during each community contact. We will demonstrate, through our actions, an uncompromising allegiance to the core principles set forth in the Police Officer's Code of Ethics and the standards modeled at every level of our organization. Every El Cerrito Police Department employee will embrace ideals consistent with our values.

Organizational Values

As members of the El Cerrito Police Department we accept responsibility for contributing to the safety and quality of life in our community. We will meet the challenge of fulfilling our responsibility through our shared values and commitment to:
  • Honor – We will express with our fellow department members, and the public, that we are genuinely concerned with how we treat each other. To honor and respect others in the delivery of law enforcement service is the mindset and spirit that enables us to model our values.
  • Integrity – We will demonstrate our allegiance to the character of sound moral principles as described in the Police Officer’s Code of Ethics coupled with the qualities of honesty and openness. Our words will match our actions.
  • Pride – We will reflect in our actions that every member of our department matters and that how we get the job done is as important as simply getting the job done.
  • Leadership – We will serve with humility, authenticity, initiative, bearing, and courage at every level of our organization.
  • Accountability - We consistently improve our individual and organizational performance by enabling a culture of responsibility, openness, and continuous development. We will take responsibility for our actions and be willing to admit our mistakes.
  • Commitment – We will reflect our inner strength through our dedication to public service in how we carry out our mission, pursue our vision and exhibit our values.