The Smart Approach to a More Comfortable Home and Lower Energy Bills

Most of El Cerrito’s homes were built between 1940 and 1970, long before California’s energy code required houses to be built to a minimum level of energy efficiency. As a result, the majority of El Cerrito’s homes are leaking energy and money. And, many times, un-insulated homes with old heating systems and old furnace ducts can be less comfortable. By making energy efficiency or weatherization improvements to your home, you can save money, eliminate drafts and dampness, and improve indoor air quality.

Now Available in El Cerrito!

Residential Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy efficiency and conservation is a great way to both save money and combat global climate change. For every kilowatt hour (kWh) you save, you prevent about 1/2 pound of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere. Similarly, for every therm of natural gas you save, you reduce CO2 emissions by almost 12 pounds.

For these reasons, El Cerrito has applied for grants and has partnered with various groups to help make energy efficiency and clean energy improvements in both our own facilities and in the community.


Test An Induction Cooktop At No Cost

Making the switch from gas to induction cooking is more energy efficient, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and improves indoor air quality! Induction cooking is faster, safer, and easier to clean. So why not try it for yourself?  

Get a portable induction cooktop along with an induction-ready pan mailed to your house, at no cost, for a two week test run. A prepaid shipping label will be provided to return the loaner.