Curbside Recycling Collection

The City of El Cerrito provides weekly recycling for the entire City.

All recyclables, including paper, cardboard, cans and bottles, plastic containers (empty, clean, & dry) and bags are collected in grey recycling carts. Residential recycling is collected from the curbside on the same day as garbage collection. Please place your full recycling bins on the street with the wheels against the curb the night before or by 5 am on your collection day.


Due to disruptions in the international recycling markets, the City will periodically update its recycling programs.

Holiday Schedule
Curbside collection occurs on all holidays except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If those holidays fall on a regular collection day, then collection for that day and all following days in that week will occur one day later than normal.

Please note: not all items accepted at the Drop-Off Center are included in the curbside program. For example, the following items are not accepted as part of the curbside program and must be brought to the Drop-off Center: batteries, CFL bulbs, electronics, large pieces of scrap metals, medicines/needles, used cooking oil, used motor oil with filters, Styrofoam, non-perishable food for the Food Bank Donation barrel, and textiles.
Grey Cart Image

Materials Accepted (curbside) - Please BE sure:

  • All Curbside Recycling Materials (small or large quantities) including:
  • Mixed Paper- colored paper, newspaper, shredded paper (contained in a paper bag), file folders, junk mail, magazines, envelopes, etc
  • Cardboard - (MUST BE inside the cart for pick-up or bundled for an arranged Annual Clean-up)
  • Glass Containers - bottles and jars, empty, clean, & dry
  • Aluminum, Tin, and Scrap Metals - small pieces, empty, clean, & dry containers


The City receives the best pricing for materials that are collected at the Recycling + Environmental Resource Center (RERC).  While it is still perfectly good to use your grey bin for recycling, the RERC provides another option for people who wish to support our recycling programs.  Please bring the below listed materials to us at 7501 Schmidt Lane to ensure this material retains top value and ends up being recycled into new products.  Questions?  Call us at 215.4350.

  • Beverage containers (#1 and #2, narrow-necked)
  • Cardboard
  • White Office (Bond) Paper
  • Scrap Metal
  • Harder to Recycle Items

Special Services: Elderly or disabled residents who can't move their recycling carts on their own may subscribe to free back-yard service. Please call 510-237-4321 to request this service (please be prepared to provide proof of senior status or disability).

Commercial and Multi-unit Housing accounts: Commercial and apartment recycling services are scheduled on specific collection days. To find out the collection day for your business or apartment complex, or to set up recycling services, please contact us at 510-215-4350 or email us.