Neighborhood Traffic

The Public Works Department collaborated with TJKM Transportation Consultants to develop a Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) that best addresses resident concerns regarding speeding, high traffic volumes, and pedestrian and bicycle comfort and safety in El Cerrito's neighborhoods. The NTMP was prepared based on previous efforts in the City, guidance provided by the City's General Plan and City Council, policies and lessons learned from other jurisdictions, practices published by the transportation industry, and community input. The El Cerrito City Council adopted the NTMP on September 20, 2010.

The NTMP provides City staff and community members the resources to work together in addressing neighborhood traffic concerns. More specifically, the NTMP provides citywide guidelines and procedures for responding to citizen's request for traffic management in their neighborhoods and a toolbox of potential traffic management measures. An NTMP solution would likely include several improvement measures at one or more locations unlike a standard traffic solution, which would involve only one measure, such as signing and striping, at a single location. All traffic requests will initially be evaluated using the regular traffic request process, and shifted to an NTMP process.