Upper Fairmount Streetscape

The 2005-06 Capital Improvement Plan included a project to make streetscape improvements to the upper half of Fairmount Avenue as a follow up to the successful streetscape work on the lower half of Fairmount Avenue. The project was launched in 2006 with preliminary concept development and initiation of a community input process. The process resulted in the Upper Fairmount Avenue Master Streetscape Plan, which includes details of the various community meetings and the range of citizen input.

Upper Fairmount Ave Master Streetscape Plan (PDF, 25 MB)

Aerial Maps and Drawings:

Once the Plan was complete, City staff began to work out construction details that required some changes to the Plan. Staff presented the final construction recommendations to the City Council on July 21, 2008, along with a summary of the final changes to the Master Plan and the proposed scope of construction as summarized below:

The Upper Fairmount Streetscape work will be completed in two phases.

1. The initial phase includes the following:

  • Crosswalk Improvements at the commercial district (near Colusa) and near Harding Elementary School
  • Three raised crosswalks to help calm and modulate traffic along Fairmount
  • Sidewalk bulb-outs near Harding Elementary
  • New curb ramps to enhance pedestrian and handicap access
  • Street Tree planting program from Richmond Street to Ramona Avenue.
2. Phase two includes a realignment of the Ashbury-Fairmount intersection.

Phase One was constructed between October 2008 and 2010.

Phase Two work was originally to be deferred until funding could be secured. Fortunately, the City won a safety grant to provide adequate funding for the Ashbury-Fairmount intersection realignment. Design commenced in 2009 and construction began in Summer 2011.