Area Coordination

Area Maps and Coordinators

The Area Organization Program map breaks our communities into 17 CERT Organization Areas with 6 in Kensington and 11 in El Cerrito.

For more CERT information, please reach out directly to Program Manager Chris Hilliard.
Fire Department Administrator -
CERT Program Manager - Chris Hilliard
Deputy Program Managers
Pam Martin, Public Outreach and Block Organization
Hal Graboske, Radio Communications and Block Organization


Kensington Area 1 – Volunteer Leader Needed

Kensington Area 2 – Volunteer Leader Needed

Kensington Area 3
Danielle Madugo

Kensington Area 4 - Volunteer Leader Needed

Kensington Area 5Peter Liddell

Kensington Area 6Hal Graboske