Mobile Field Force

The Law Enforcement Guide to Emergency Operations (State of California Office of Emergency Services) defines a Mobile Field Force as follows:

“A regionally-organized, trained and equipped group of officers and supervisors, from a coalition of independent agencies that may be deployed to major emergencies with sufficient personnel strength to mitigate potential or real problems.”

The ECPD provides its Mobile Field Force personnel for deployment with the Contra Costa County Mutual Aid Mobile Field Force (MAMFF).

The MAMFF is available for response in the event of natural disaster, civil unrest, or other major incidents, when:
  • All available resources have been reasonably depleted;
  • The normal delivery of police services have been significantly disrupted.
This can be for events which are pre-planned or spontaneous in nature.

The ECPD MAMFF Unit consists of one Sergeant and six Officers. Each has been specially trained in crowd control and disaster response. They are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to respond to emergencies throughout the region.