Satisfaction Survey

2019 National Community Survey

In 2019, El Cerrito conducted the National Community Survey™ (NCS) to measure resident’s satisfaction with City services and to identify community and service strength and weaknesses.

1,400 households were selected at random by the National Community Survey (a collaboration of the National Research Center and the International County/City Management Association - ICMA). A total of 400 surveys were returned, providing an overall response rate of 29%. This is within the typical response rate range of 25% to 40%. The survey has a 5% margin of error. Residents were surveyed on a variety of community characteristics (such as transportation options, safety in residential and commercial areas, shopping opportunities, and opportunities to participate in civic and cultural activities). In addition, residents were asked to rate the quality of a range of services (such as police, fire, street cleaning, and recreational services).

Most residents rated the quality of life in El Cerrito as excellent or good. Survey respondents identified Safety, Economy and Natural Environment as community priorities in the next few years.

The National Community Survey (NCS) is a collaborative effort between National Research Center and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). NCS is a 5-page mail questionnaire that provides a statistically valid survey of resident opinions about community and services provided by local governments in the USA. 2019 is the sixth time the City of El Cerrito has participated in the NCS.

If you have questions about the Community Survey or the results, please contact the Assistant to the City Manager at 510-215-4318.

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