Drop-Off Materials Accepted

Cardboard, Glass, Metals, Paper, Plastic:

  • Cardboard:  Corrugated boxes.  Must be clean, empty, and flattened.  (FYI:  Fees apply to salvage cardboard.  Please ask office staff directly.  Thank you.) 
  • Glass Containers:  Bottles and jars, rinsed clean and sorted by color.
  • Mixed Paper:  Colored paper, cereal boxes, newspaper, shredded colored paper, file folders, junk mail, envelopes, photographs, etc.
  • Plastic Beverage Containers:   Narow-necked plastic beverage bottles, free of liquid.
  • Other Plastic Bottles:  Narrow-necked bottles that contained household supplies, such as detergent, kitty litter, motor oil.  Must be empty, that is, no residual product inside.
  • Scrap Metals:  Aluminum, steel, tin. (No refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners).  As of 11/1/2019:  Due to recent changes in the recycling markets, we cannot currently accept major appliances.  City staff is looking into options that would allow the Recycling Center to again provide this service.
  • White Office Paper:  All white (bond) paper is collected separately in the container marked "Office Paper" to preserve highest value.   

Electronic Waste


New Policy:
  Due to changes in Global Recycling Markets, the only materials currently eligible for electronics (e-waste) recycling are:
  • Cable boxes
  • Cameras & video equipment
  • Cell phones & chargers
  • Computer components such as:  memory, hard drives, disk drives
  • Computer monitors
  • Computer systems
  • Console video games
  • Copiers
  • Data tapes & disks
  • Fax machines
  • GPS systems
  • Green board / PC cards
  • Hard drives & memory
  • Internet devices
  • Laptop computers
  • LCD TVs & monitors
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Shredders
  • Smartphones & PDAs
  • Telephones & telephone systems & related equipment
  • Televisions (all sizes, all ages, all types)
  • Toner / Laser / Inkjet cartridges (OEM only)
  • Video game consoles & software
  • Wiring & cables
Please do not place other types of household appliances (air filters, electric blankets, radios, vacuums etc.) in the e-waste bin. At this time, the Center does not accept predominantly plastic electric appliances or major appliances.  

QUESTIONS:  Please ask office staff.

difficult to Recycle Items:

  • Automobile Batteries: lead-acid cell.
  • Batteries: Alkaline, NiCad, lithium, and auto batteries.
  • Bicycles: Bicycle and bicycle parts - bin for donations / exchange. No Salvage Permit necessary.
  • Books: Place in blue Discover Books containers.
  • Magazines: While Exchange Zone is temporarily closed, please place magazines in Mixed Paper bin.
  • Corks: Temporarily not accepting -- we will again accept corks once Exchange Zone re-opens.
  • Exercise equipment: Scrap metal.
  • Eyeglasses: Lions Club Donations - give eye wear to staff to donate to this program.
  • Fluorescent tubes and CFLs: are part of the Contra Costa County Household Hazardous Waste ProgramAs a convenience, we accept CFLs from residents within the RecycleMore service areaFees apply for large quantities: 30 feet or more of tubes or 15 or more bulbs. Fees apply to any fluorescent bulbs from customers outside the RecycleMore service area. Fees are subject to increase each fiscal year. Please see office staff to pay fees or to ask questions. We are currently not accepting fluorescent light bulbs from customers from outside the RecycleMore Service Area.
  • Food Donation: Non-perishable, unopened donations for the Contra Costa Food Bank, within a year of listed date accepted. No glass containers.
  • Hangers: All types of clothes hangers; bring to the Exchange Zone. The Exchange Zone is currently closed. Metal hangers can be placed in the Scrap Metal bin for recycling.
  • Home Health Equipment: Ask office staff for resources.
  • Sharps and Syringes: Must be in a thick plastic container with a screw top lid. Bin always locked so seek staff for assistance. Fees apply for customers from outside the RecycleMore service area. We are currently not accepting sharps and syringes from customers outside the RecycleMore Service Area.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Remove excess packaging; empty pills into Ziploc-type bag for disposal; mix pills together. Liquids, creams, inhalers do not need to be bagged. Check online for more information on how to use the disposal bin and a list of EBMUD and BayWise disposal sites. Recyclemore.com has additional drop-off locations. Bin always locked; seek staff for assistance. Fees apply for customers from outside the RecycleMore service area. We are currently not accepting pharmaceuticals from customers outside the RecycleMore Service Area.
  • "Styrofoam": ONLY white block polystyrene foam (sometimes marked with a # 6) no food containers, no peanuts, no other types of foam, and no saran wrapping material. Fees apply for customers from outside El Cerrito. We are NOT accepting Styrofoam at this time.
  • Textiles: Clothing, shoes, and household linens in clean, dry, reusable condition can be donated to the Donation Station, receipts available, or are accepted in the USagain green and white bins. Including: pillows, towels, sheets, and machine washable rugs.
  • Toner Cartridges: Place in E-waste Bin
  • Used cooking oil: NO SOLID GREASE (please compost solids)
  • Used motor oil and metal filters: 5-gallon container maximum. Metal oil filters only -- no paper filters.