What is the complaint process? How can I make a complaint?

The ECPD posts our complaint form online and offers several ways for community members to make complaints about police officer behavior. Community members can complain in person at the El Cerrito Police Department, they can contact the department by phone at either (510) 215-4400 (during business hours) or by calling dispatch after hours at (510) 233-1214, or they can complete a complaint form and either mail it or drop it off at the Police Department or City Hall. Some residents choose to make their complaint by email. For those interested in using email, they can send their complaints directly to the Chief of Police at pkeith@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us. For more information, please visit our Professional Standard Page.

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1. What is the role of the District Attorney? Why doesn’t the Police Department choose not to prosecute arrested defendants?
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4. What is the complaint process? How can I make a complaint?
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