Does El Cerrito have a drone program?

In 2020, the ECPD began using a drone to support field operations, after a period of public input in 2019. The police department owns a DJI Mavic Pro, a civil drone equipped with a camera. The drone allows officers deploy a camera in the sky to take crime scene photographs and assist with search operations. Since the program began, the Police Department posts a log online of how the drone was used, for the public to review. You can find out more information about drone police and aerial operations at:

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1. What is the role of the District Attorney? Why doesn’t the Police Department choose not to prosecute arrested defendants?
2. What is “Broken Windows” policing theory? Is this the policing philosophy of the ECPD?
3. What types of oversight and accountability mechanisms are in place in El Cerrito?
4. What is the complaint process? How can I make a complaint?
5. Does the ECPD use militarized equipment?
6. Is the City evaluating other ways to respond to mental health and homeless incidents?
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9. How does Asset Forfeiture work?
10. Do police labor unions have special protections in El Cerrito?
11. How has the City reduced funding to the Police Department?
12. Why isn’t El Cerrito listed on the California Police Scorecard?
13. Does El Cerrito have a drone program?