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Public Record Request Form

  1. El Cerrito Office of City Clerk
  2. Pursuant to the Public Records Act (California Government Code (G.C.) Section 6250, et seq.), a person may request to review and/or receive a copy of any public record. While there are certain records exempt by statute (G.C. 6254), records of the City are public.

    There is no charge to review public records, however there are fees associated with obtaining copies of records. The fees are established in the Master Fee Schedule and vary depending upon the type of record and the method in which the record is provided. Whenever possible the City will provide the records electronically.

    It is not always feasible to provide an immediate copy for review or duplication, however the City strives to provide requested records within 10 days, or the requestor will be notified within 10 of when the record(s) may be available.
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