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In-Person Consult Request Form

  1. El Cerrito In-Person Consult Request Form
    To schedule an In-Person Consultation with a Building Inspector or Plan Checker fill out the form below with all of the required information. An incomplete form cannot be submitted or processed. Please submit your request a minimum of 2 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the requested date. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requested date, but we cannot guarantee that the request can be honored. Do not assume after submitting the request that the consult is automatically scheduled. A staff member will contact you to confirm your requested consultation date or to arrange an alternate date.
  2. This number is found in the upper right corner of your permit application.
  3. Note: City Hall is closed every other Friday. Appointments with a Building Inspector are available mornings between 8-9. Appointments with the Plan Checker are available Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9-11 and 2-4.
  4. Thank you for your request
    Request does not mean that you are automatically scheduled, but one of our Building Division staff members will contact you to confirm your requested appointment date or to arrange an alternate date.
  5. Contact the Building Division
    For more information you can reach us at 510-215-4360
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