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Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) Rebate Claim Form - El Cerrito Minicipal Code Chapter 4.64


  2. Water heater upgrades to 82% AFUE or better units (storage type, tankless or heat pump)

  3. Doors and windows upgrades to U factor of .32 or better

  4. Higher efficiency built-in appliances

  5. Wall and attic insulation to meet Energy Code standards

  6. Skylight upgrades to .32 U factor or better

  7. Re-roof with "cool roof" system and/or materials

  8. Installation of radiant barrier under roof sheathing and rafters

  9. Install attic ventilation fan with thermostatic control

  10. Replace older natural gas heating units with higher efficiency units of 80% or better rating

  11. Replace older natural gas or electric heating and/or cooling units with heat pump units

  12. Advanced circulating fans for natural gas, propane or oil furnaces

  13. Weather stripping and caulking around doors, windows, exterior seams and electrical outlets

  14. Seal around wall, floor and furnace register boots

  15. Install code approved gray water irrigation system with permit

  16. Install code approved rain water catchment system with permit

  17. Permanently installed electric vehicle charging station

  18. Installation of a solar electric and/or solar thermal (water heating) system


  20. Approved and permitted seismic strengthening upgrade complying with Standard Planset A, CEBC Appendix Chapter A3, or engineered plan

  21. Replacement/Repair of foundation and/or replacement/repair of rotted mudsills in conjunction with seismic strengthening upgrade

  22. Installation of shear or braced walls designed by a licensed engineer

  23. Anchoring of water heaters

  24. Installing flexible gas and water connectors at water heaters

  25. Remove masonry chimneys to firebox shoulder and rebuild with metal chimney system

  26. Remove wood burning fireplaces and chimneys completely (if desired, replace with gas burning fireplaces)

  27. Repairing unsafe egress components such as stairs, landings, ramps, etc.

  28. Note: Most of the above upgrades require a permit and inspection by the Building Division. Please call 510-215-4360 to confirm if the specific upgrade requires a permit before proceeding. Work that requires a permit and inspection and that is completed without will not be eligible for the transfer tax rebate.

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