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Grading & Transportation Permit

  1. This is an application for a Grading and Transportation Permit in the City of El Cerrito under Chapter 13.24 of the El Cerrito Municipal Code. A permit, as well as a grading plan with quantities, stamped by a licensed civil engineer, is required for all grading.

  2. Permit Information

  3. Please give a six-month term. Applicants must reapply after six months.

  4. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan measures (best management practices) shall be placed and maintained for all grading in the City of El Cerrito, California, to the satisfaction of the City Engineer and the Maintenance and Engineering Manager.

  5. Contacts

  6. Applicant

  7. Please remember to look over the Grading and Transportation Permit conditions. These conditions and the permit itself are issued as part of a Building Permit.
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